Introducing myself - greetings from Belgium

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Hi guys (and ladies),

Greetings from Belgium.
My name is Lester.

While somewhat strolling around, just today came across this international lonchura stage which seems the proper place for the question I have about starting off with hades, grand munias (or perhaps even whitebreasted Pictorella munia’s).
For up until now my father and I have been lifelong specialised breeders of 1 species only (gouldian) - but that is about to change now that we ve decided it s time for some "alternative breedings" with lonchura beauties.

This much being said, we r now looking for big and boldsized lonchura stygia (Hades) or lonchura grandis grandis (the largest Great-billed Mannikin) to also specialise in. Or perhaps even also lonchura pectoralis (Weißbrustschilffink/Weißbrustnonne) if there r some around originating from parent bred stammlines.

Any information on the whereabouts of specialised breeders or any info on specialised breeding techniques regarding the above species, will be much appreciated.



adding PS :

I do understand and read German well for the most part, but my writing in German is awful. That s simply the main reason I m sticking to English while understanding German (more or less anyway). So anyone preferring to respond in German, feel free to do so.

(Ich verstehe und lese -nur ein wenig- Deutsch, aber mein geschriebenes Deutsch ist jawohl schrecklich. Das ist einfach der Hauptgrund warum ich in Englisch schreibe während ich auch (nur sehr wenig) Deutsch schreibe.

Also wenn jemand ins Deutsch reagieren will, dan bitte mach es so.)

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